Read Gallery Exhibit: Carlos Maldonado

Maiden Voyage: A Retrospective
Artist: Carlos Maldonado
August 28 – November 24, 2020

The Read Gallery is going virtual. Its first exhibit for 2020-21 will include a walking tour of the exhibit in Scott Community College’s Library gallery, as well as a personal interview with artist Carlos Maldonado.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in West Liberty, Maldonado works in acrylic paint and mechanical pencil. His art is heavily influenced by his experiences and contradicting feelings toward life.

“On one hand I feel like there is a purpose, a connection to everything and everyone, I find happiness and joy in the littlest of things and I have found that those moments can feel like an eternity. Concurrently, I have feelings of isolation and constant fear of what comes next. I remind myself of how insignificant we really are in this universe and how minuscule and brief our existence is. For me, the key to staying happy is to remember that we are all alone, together.”

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