Level-Up Professionally With Microcredentials

Imagine this: You’ve just completed a triathlon and sunk your teeth into that shiny gold medal for a photo—your well-deserved prize for crossing the finish line. You’re on cloud nine.

However, this medal just showcases your efforts of that single day. What if you were rewarded for all of the hard work that led up to that moment? Those painful 5 a.m. runs, the strict diet regimen, the time commitment, the list goes on.

That’s where a microcredential comes in. Credit for all of your hard work, not just the result.

Microcredentials are short, narrowly focused programs of study recognizing learning and verifying your competency. You complete each section over a handful of weeks and are required to demonstrate your understanding of the materials through assessment and/or participation.

Once the course is completed, you will earn a digital badge and the official credit is logged on your transcript.

Importance of a Digital Badge

Digital badges are visual representations of the microcredential earned. Depending on the program selected, you will either earn a skillbased or knowledge-based badge. Badges can then be shared via social media platforms, added to email signatures and displayed on resumes.

“The digital badge is an easy, quick visual for people to see your worth,” said Tyne Rieck, EICC Continuing Education Manager for Business and Information Technology Programs. “Since the badges are linked directly to the course, your professional network and potential employers can see all of the mastered course modules, objectives and skills.”

Microcredentials at EICC

EICC currently offers four microcredential courses, with plans to add even more later this summer. The current offerings are delivered both On-Campus and Live Online, twice per year. Each course is approximately 16–24 hours of total instruction time, with weekly classes occurring in digestible, two to three hour sessions.

Leadership: Beyond Management
On-Campus classes begin Aug. 26

Frontline Leadership
On-Campus classes begin Sept. 1

Leadership: Developing your Emotional Quotient
Live Online classes begin Oct. 6

Leadership: Conflict to Collaboration
On-Campus classes begin Nov. 11

In addition, no educational degree–including a high school diploma–is required to enroll in a microcredential course. EICC instructors and staff are very passionate about these programs and the professional opportunities they will bring to the community.

“Microcredentials are a cost-effective way to earn a skill, whether it’s on a shop floor, or managing a team of professionals,” explained Rieck. “We now have a whole generation of people who think of education differently. They want the skills, and to be recognized for what they have earned, but they don’t necessarily want to spend thousands of dollars or sit through the classes for an advanced degree.”

Microcredentials for Local Employers

The college also provides customized microcredential programs to area employers and their employees. “One of the biggest requests of today’s workforce is opportunity for continual growth–not all employers have necessarily recognized that,” said EICC Business Solutions Consultant, Cheryl RileyHayles. “With microcredentials, employers can offer this as a way to say, ‘you’ll still be developing and growing with us.’”

Through contracted workshops, employers are able to provide skill-based or knowledge-based microcredentials. They also have the flexibility to decide between offering or even requiring employees to complete an assessment at the end of their training.

“Employers who invest in their employees want to know that they walked away with a newfound knowledge or skill, and this checks those boxes,” said Riley-Hayles.

Get started today at eicc.edu/microcredentials

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