Figge Art Museum’s College Invitational

The Figge Art Museum’s College Invitational includes artwork from eight area colleges and universities, including Augustana College, Black Hawk College, Clinton Community College, Knox College, Monmouth College, Scott Community College, St. Ambrose University, and Western Illinois University. Art professors from each of the participating colleges were tasked with selecting the top works from their school to include in this year’s College Invitational.

EICC Students Featured:

“Through the Motions”

Acrylic Paint
Maggie Borota
Scott Community College

“As time moves on this year, it has felt begrudgingly slow. It feels like we’ve been stuck, just going through the motions. This feeling of time is represented by the flowing heads connected through hair in my piece. Although the year has overall felt lackluster and like it could stretch on for an eternity, I know through reflection I have grown. Not only as an art student, but a person as well. I wanted this to be represented by showing flowers coming into full bloom because as time moves on so do we.”

“Unfinished Art”
Acrylic Paint, Marker and Colored pencil on Canvas
Bobby McNamar
Scott Community College

“As a student-artist in 2020, my work reflects my belief that art, like life, involves change and is never truly finished. This piece was inspired by Modernism, Pop Art, and abstraction. The subject matter concerns the elements and principles of art because those are the building blocks of visual imagery. Line, color, shape, pattern: I created simple variations of these within each area. The smaller painting can be rotated, but I set it at an angle to create a more dynamic visual experience. Because life is imperfect, my work is imperfect. I have intentionally left flaws throughout the piece.”

Charcoal Pencil, Water Color and Acrylic Paint
Cora Leonard
Clinton Community College

Wood Block Print
Anne Swan-Johnson
Clinton Community College

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