CCC: a great place to further your education

From the Clinton Herald

Clinton Community College is a great place to further your education. I attended when it was Clinton Junior College in 1950-51 and 1951-52, graduating in 1952 with an Associate in Arts degree.

The Junior College classes were held in the Clinton High School then, with many of the high school teachers as instructors for the college courses. Some of the people I remember were Dean Paul B. Sharar and instructors Leo Herkelman for College Math, Glenn Boehlke for Chemistry, Max Lynn for P.E. and Robert Wagstaff for Physics. They all instilled honesty and integrity in students. All classes were helpful for my pursuit of engineering.

Following graduation, I went to Iowa State College (later it became Iowa State University) in Ames. All credits from Clinton Junior College transferred. I attended classes in 1952-53, got married in ’53, and then Uncle Sam called me to serve in the Army – further education in the “school of hard knocks”. After discharge in 1955, I decided I needed a job to support my wife and child, so looked into work in Clinton. I had a choice of three places of employment. I think God led me to the Clinton National Bank because the other two places I applied are no longer around.

My education continued as I attended and graduated from The Madison, Wisconsin School of Banking. The banking career was very rewarding in having experience in many areas: bookkeeping, teller, installment loan, Branch Manager, and Trust Department, all in 40 ½ years and then 10 years for the Senior Program.

My graduation started four generations of Clinton Community College students and graduates! One of my daughters graduated from the nursing program. Four of my grandchildren have attended CCC, three of whom earned their degrees there, and one great-grandchild has taken classes through the college at his high school.

I would highly recommend Clinton Community College to anyone wishing to further their education. CCC is close to home, affordable, and scholarships are available.

The education I received from Clinton Junior College has rewarded me in many ways – even in retirement.

Gene Biermann, Class of 1952


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