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As THE Community’s College, it’s our job to stay up-to-date on the latest careers and in-demand skills. That’s why we continually add new programs or update existing ones to ensure we’re meeting the needs of local employers and acting upon opportunities in expanding industries.

We have a couple of new programs we’re excited about, as well as changes to our well-established Graphic Arts Program that will make it even easier for students to enroll!

Graphic Arts Goes Online

Nearly every piece of media you consume most likely has the touch of a graphic artist. From website design to print publications, social media posts and more, the work of graphic artists is seen everywhere. For years, Eastern Iowa Community Colleges’ (EICC) Graphic Arts Associate in Applied Science program has been preparing students for this creative field. Beginning this fall, the program will be available entirely online, making it easier than ever for students to enroll. Students will learn how to use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign to create images, layouts and typography, as well as the current standards in website design. Learn more at

New Data Analytics Certificate Starting This Spring

Data Analytics is one of today’s fastest-growing and highest-paid professions as organizations increasingly rely on data to drive strategic business decisions. With EICC’s new Data Analytics Certificate, students can build their skills in this high-demand field. The 18-credit program is designed to expand knowledge and skills in rapidly developing and in-demand areas, including: analytics tools and techniques, how to work with databases, the statistical analysis computer languages of R and SPSS, how to create data visualizations, and how to apply statistics and predictive analytics in a business environment.

Classes are delivered Live Online via Zoom, a free computer application allowing students to see and hear their instructor in real-time. Students will be able to complete the program in one-year, with a course offered every eight weeks. This convenient schedule and online delivery makes it easy to fit around busy work and family schedules. Those interested in entering the Data Analytics Certificate program are encouraged to have earned an Associate’s Degree or higher.

Courses include:

  • Statistics (Prerequisite for students who have not previously completed a college-level Statistics course)
  • Information Computing
  • Introduction to Data Analytics
  • Data Analytics I
  • Data Analytics II
  • Capstone

Learn more at

Industrial Hemp Production Students Produce State’s First Crop

One of the first plants spun into fiber thousands of years ago is making a comeback, and students enrolled in Muscatine Community College’s (MCC) new Industrial Hemp Production Program recently produced one of the state’s first crops!

In January 2020, hemp production became legal in the United States with Iowa farmers able to grow up to 40 acres. This fall, MCC launched a new one-year Diploma Program designed to teach students how to grow, harvest, process and market industrial hemp. Hemp is a versatile plant, perfect for small farms, those with an entrepreneurial spirit, or as an additional source of income on larger farms.

Its uses include food from hemp seed, fiber from hemp stalks, and oil from the flowers and seeds. Products currently made with hemp include body care, textiles, insulation, paper, rope, molded plastics, animal bedding, paint, health food and more.

Students in the program complete three specific hemp-related courses, along with others already taught in the college’s long-established agriculture curriculum. Topics covered include rules and regulations governing the industry, growing stages of the plant from seed to harvest, and post-harvest processing.

Hemp offers the potential for significantly higher per acre incomes for producers compared to corn and soybeans, and the industry as a whole is expected to see an explosion of growth. To learn more visit

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