Money for college is within your reach

Before you read any further, grab a pen and paper or your phone and make this note:

EICC Scholarship Deadline March 1. Apply, apply, apply!

Congrats! You’ve completed step one in securing some extra cash for college.

When it comes to enrolling in college, we know how you will pay for it is the first thing on your mind. Here at Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, we’re always looking for ways to eliminate financial barriers. Not only do we make college affordable by offering financial aid and one of the lowest tuition rates in the state, but we also help students with a wide variety of scholarship options.

Through our foundations, we provide dozens and dozens and dozens (really, it’s true!) of scholarship opportunities for deserving students.

Entering a specific career and technical program?

We have a scholarship for that.

First-generation college student?

Yep. We have one for that, too.

Have no idea what you want to study but plan to take general education classes?

Don’t worry, there’s one for you as well!

The list literally goes on and on. It doesn’t matter whether you were the class valedictorian or somewhere in the middle, whether you just graduated from high school or it’s been many years since you’ve been in the classroom, or whether you take Arts and Sciences courses for college transfer or are enrolled in a career technology program, there are scholarships you just might be eligible for.

High school students who have completed college classes with us can also take advantage of our Connections Scholarship. The scholarship provides three different levels of support, from half tuition for the entire first year a student is enrolled at one of our colleges to a free class.

The scholarship application deadline for Fall classes is March 1 and the deadline for Spring classes is November 1. All you need to do to apply is go online to and click on the college you’ll be attending. From there, you just fill the application out. It’s really that simple!

If you’re a high school student applying for a Connections Scholarship, visit and you’ll see the link to apply at the very top of the page.

Of course, if you have any questions our friendly staff can help walk you through the process.

  • Scott Community College Foundation: 563-441-4063
  • Clinton Community College Paul B. Sharar Foundation: 563-244-7040
  • Muscatine Community College Foundation: 563-288-6005

So, you have your note. You have the web links. What are you waiting for? Scholarships are a gift that do not need to be paid back and help tremendously in reducing the cost of college. We encourage you to apply today!

Oh and one last thing, if you still haven’t completed your enrollment application do not worry. You can do that right now. Just visit to get started. In less than ten minutes you’ll be well on your way to an exciting new beginning.

Tuition free Last Dollar Program

In addition to one of our many scholarships, another great way to get money for college is through Iowa’s Last Dollar Program.

You can earn a Certificate, Diploma, or Associate’s Degree to work in one of Iowa’s high-demand jobs, and your tuition is covered. The state covers the remaining cost of tuition for students enrolled in any one of more than 25 different high-demand career technology programs.

All you have to do is fill out the FAFSA. The state then covers the remaining balance beyond the aid for which you are eligible. Even if you receive no federal or state aid, the program will pay your entire tuition. That’s right, regardless of your personal income situation, you will pay no tuition costs.

Learn more at$

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