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There’s no place like home, there’s no place like EICC

If you’ve seen our commercials, received mail from us or visited our website lately, you may be wondering ‘what’s the deal with all the lab puppies?’

Well, here’s the scoop. Labs are warm, fuzzy, adorable and the number one family pet. (Really, it’s true! Labs are celebrating their 29th year in a row as America’s favorite dog.)

Did we mention adorable?

In a world that’s been rocked with uncertainty and constant change, what’s better than a lab puppy to put a smile on our faces? Plus, as your hometown college when you come to us you get the benefit of staying close to your family, friends and pets, whether they’re a dog, kitten, fish or turtle. In living through a worldwide pandemic, many of us have realized there truly is no place like home and that’s where you’ll find Eastern Iowa Community Colleges and its Clinton, Muscatine and Scott Community College campuses.

We recently filmed this brand new commercial highlighting one student’s journey from class to graduation to career, and of course, we had a special guest star – Hope. Yep, that’s the dog’s real name. Pretty fitting isn’t it? Hope represents home, a place you can learn and grow to reach your goals and aspirations and to realize your hopes and dreams.

As THE Community’s College, we’ve always been here for you and will continue to be a valuable resource to anyone striving to meet education, career or business goals. From our Associate’s Degrees with seamless transfer to four-year colleges to our career/trades programs leading directly to employment to our business training, continuing education programs and beyond, we have what you need to build a rock-solid future.

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