Transfer Week Spotlight: Ritaj Algburi

Transferred from: Scott Community College
Transferred to: St. Ambrose University
Majoring in: Psychology and Biology

Where did you transfer to and what is your major?

I transferred to St. Ambrose University, and I am majoring in Psychology and Biology.

What were the benefits of starting at Scott Community College?

Starting at Scott Community Colleges has many benefits for new incoming college students fresh out of high school like myself. Scott Community College allowed me to be part of the PTK program and Dean’s list throughout my time there. EICC helped me reach out to my goals with less cost, and it allowed me to map and plan out your future.

What’s been the best part about your transfer experience?

My transfer experience gave me the chance to build a strong network with others, find my way to success, and sees my dream in the way becoming true.

What were you nervous about and how did you overcome those nerves?

I was nervous about almost the whole transition idea, but I started involving in different clubs as soon as I started school. So, I chose to be part of the international club, and on my second week at Ambrose, I got elected to be the vice president for the club. Taking small steps like these and getting involved in different clubs and organizations makes everything more comfortable and makes the person a community or college faster than we think.

What tips or advice do you have for other students interested in transferring?

Being a transfer student can be too intimidating. Whether you are coming from another university campus or a smaller community college, you are entering a new environment with different trends, attitudes, beliefs, customs, and you must adjust. It sounds scary, but you will tackle the transfer process more straightforward if you know what to do.

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