Transfer Week Spotlight: Pierre Mure-Ravaud

Transferred from: Clinton Community College
Transferred to: Iowa State University
Majoring in: Architecture

Where did you transfer to and what is your major?

I transferred to Iowa State University and my major is Architecture.

What has helped you get connected to students and faculty at ISU?

I was able to connect to students at Iowa State by participating in orientation, joining clubs, and meeting others in the classroom.

What’s been the best part about your transfer experience?

The best part of the transfer experience was how easy it was. Both Lindsey and Rob worked really hard to make sure I was well informed of all my options for transferring to Iowa State and everything I needed to know about the process.

What were you nervous about and how did you overcome those nerves?

I was most nervous about going from a community college to a state school. Once I got on campus and attended classes and other events, I quickly realized how much Clinton Community had prepared me to succeed beyond my education there.

What tips or advice do you have for other students interested in transferring?

My advice is to be proactive about the transfer process. Transferring is very easy when you start early and do your research. Be sure to look at everything the school is going to offer and what you will be getting out of your time there.

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