Transfer Week Spotlight: Katie Gainer

Katie Gainer

Transferred from: Scott Community College
Transferred to: University of Northern Iowa
Majoring in: Elementary and Middle-Level Education

Where did you transfer to and what is your major?

I transferred to the University of Northern Iowa and I am double majoring in Elementary and Middle-Level Education with concentrations in Social Studies and Literacy.

What has helped you get connected to students and faculty at UNI?

Something that has helped me get connected to other students on campus has just been joining as many student organizations as I can that pertain to my interests. Something that has helped me get connected to faculty on campus is through those student organizations, there is always a faculty advisor that is in charge of it. I also make an intentional effort to introduce myself to my professors after the first day of class and try to build a personal relationship with them as the semester progresses– this is very helpful when I have needed faculty references for jobs, as well as helped me throughout the courses that I have taken.

What’s been the best part about your transfer experience?

The best part about my transfer experience has been discovering and experiencing all that UNI has to offer. There is so much to take in as a new student at a university, and it can be overwhelming at times, but the experiences and people that I have met through it all has made it well worth it!

What were you nervous about and how did you overcome those nerves?

I was very nervous about meeting new people. Although I do tend to consider myself to be outgoing, I am always intimidated by new situations that may be out of my comfort zone. The way that I overcome these nerves was through getting involved on campus and trying new things. In my first semester, I applied to so many different organizations and jobs and joined different clubs, just to get a feel for all that UNI has to offer and meet as many people as I could.

What tips or advice do you have for other students interested in transferring?

Advice that I have for prospective transfer students would be, as I have previously mentioned, to just try new things and go outside of your comfort zone. Although it is easy to just stay in the dorms and keep to yourself, no growth will come if you are not stretched. So although the first weeks after the transfer can be incredibly challenging and intimidating, it does get better and things will start looking up– don’t give up too quickly!

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