Transfer Week Spotlight: Jessica Ahluwalia

Jessica Ahluwalia

Transferred from: Muscatine Community College
Transferred to: University of Iowa
Majoring in: Psychology

I transferred to the University of Iowa and I am a psychology major. I benefited from starting at EICC because I was able to save money, start at smaller classes, finish my gen ed requirements and meet amazing professors. The best part of my transfer experience would have been all the wonderful people I met at MCC and how helpful they all were to making my transition as easy as possible. I was a little nervous about online classes being tough at a 4 year University& the whole transfer process with Covid. I overcame these nerves by reminding myself that I was able to complete my classes online from MCC second semester, and even though it was going to be a little harder – I can get through it. One piece of advice I have for other students transferring would be to make sure you know where you want to transfer to from the start so you don’t have to worry about classes not matching up or credits transferring. I would also say to get involved& have fun because it will go by fast.

Author: alaneastern

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