Transfer Week Spotlight: Claudia Artola

Claudia Artola

Transferred from: Muscatine Community College
Transferred to: University of Iowa
Majoring in: Social Work

Where did you transfer to and what is your major?

I transferred to The University of Iowa, and I am currently majoring in Social Work with a minor in Political Science.

What has been the most challenging part of the transfer process and how did you overcome it?

There were several aspects that were challenging. Finding the right college, finding the money, and putting everything together. I think what was the most challenging to me as a first-gen with immigrant parents, was filling out the paperwork and having to figure out what to do next.

I overcame this by asking for help, to faculty, family member; I also started by doing lots of research because I did not want to make a mistake on any of my applications or miss out on important stuff.

What’s been the best part about your transfer experience?

I think the best part about this whole experience is that I feel so much more comfortable with myself and I feel confident about the college process. I don’t feel as lost walking through halls, writing essays, and participating in class. I also met people at MCC that now walk the same hallways as me and are in some of my classes! And I know that I can count on those people!

What were you nervous about and how did you overcome those nerves?

I heard lots of stories about how people did not feel happy with their performance at the University of Iowa or that it was too big for them. Those stories made me feel so nervous if I was doing the right choice or not. I even considered other colleges or other journeys but in the end I went for it! How did I overcome it? I had confidence and I trusted myself and my decisions and so far, everything has been going well.

What tips or advice do you have for other students interested in transferring?

Don’t be afraid of asking questions and talking about your transfer experience with your teachers. Sometimes when people hear you are a junior, they can assume you already know your way around the University or how grading works. They will be very understanding and can help you understand the University better. Talk to people and befriend people with similar experiences as yours! Be confident and don’t forget to take advantage of your last two years before that degree!

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