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Student Sourcing Antibiotic Discovery

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Scott Community College is proud to be a partner in the Tiny Earth Project, a network of instructors and students focused on student sourcing antibiotic discovery from soil.

The mission of Tiny Earth is simple:

  1. Fight the shortage of effective antibiotics by discovering new ones.
  2. Inspire students to pursue a career in science.

Here’s how it works: students test soil samples looking for new antibiotic-producing microbes from the soil. Promising discoveries are then entered into a database where more sophisticated testing is done to determine if the discovery is a drug worth developing – giving students a destination for their discoveries and the opportunity to make a difference.

At SCC, students can get involved by taking an independent study course focused on Tiny Earth or by enrolling in an Honors course focused on the subject (when the course is offered varies). Contact Angie Ghrist in the SCC Biology Dept. for more information.

Learn more about the Tiny Earth Project.

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