Nursing Labs Make Debut

Floors were ripped out, fresh paint applied, and life-like simulators installed over the summer at Clinton, Muscatine and Scott Community College’s nursing labs – the extensive work all culminating in a grand debut this fall.

Each campus threw open its doors, inviting the community to get a hands-on look at the updates which included a fresh, modern look and simulation bays that mirror a real hospital room.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for students to get that patient care feel in a simulated hospital setting,” said Nursing Program Director Lori Haugen. “It will help build confidence.”

As prospective students made their way through the labs the excitement was undeniable. From the adult male simulators, to a new pediatric patient simulator, to a female simulator that gives birth to a tiny sim baby, those attending the open houses were able to get a real feel for what being a nurse may be like!

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