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New Scholarships Making a Difference

Dressed in scrubs with her hair tied back, Alana Collins looks focused as she weighs one of her fellow classmates, pushing the slider on the scale until it’s perfectly balanced. She writes down the number and moves on to the next task at hand.

Eli Tisor and Alana CollinsAfter working nights and weekends in the service industry for more than 20 years, Collins was ready for a change. For the second semester Scott Community College (SCC) student, learning the ins and outs of the Medical Assistant profession has been the perfect path to a better future. It’s a future that’s recently been made even brighter with the help of new Urban Campus scholarships. Designed exclusively for students taking classes at SCC’s Urban Campus, students can receive up to $1,000 per semester. Collins received a $1,000 this spring.

“I was very excited and grateful,” Collins said. “I felt that I could be able to work just as hard if not harder to reach my goals.” She said these scholarships show the college “gets it,” which can go a long way in keeping students motivated.

“Life is expensive and being awarded this scholarship just made me feel like SCC understands that many of us are already working hard at our current jobs and sometimes an incentive like this just lets us know to keep moving forward!”

With her reduced tuition bill, she was able to afford a laptop – something that’s already made college much easier.

“It was a pain to get to the library during their hours to type a paper or research. I like to get up at three or four a.m. and get some studying done. So just having my own computer makes my life much more convenient. The Medical Assistant Program has some online class options and a home computer is almost essential.”

She said the best part, is that the scholarship application was so easy to fill out. Eli Tisor, a student enrolled in the Virtual and Augmented Reality program echoed those feelings.

Tisor currently works three jobs all while going to school full-time, so the simple scholarship application process meant he didn’t have to worry about getting it done.

“It was extremely easy to apply for the scholarship,” he said.

“All I had to do was fill out one side of a piece of paper and check one box. I wish other scholarships were this accessible.”

Tisor originally planned to go to college in Seattle, but after learning how costly it would be, he decided to enroll at SCC instead. Once he discovered the Virtual and Augmented Reality Program he was hooked.

“Attending SCC has been great,” he said. “I love the community and environment of my classes. Being in this program and building these relationships is exactly what I was looking for when I decided to start going back to school.”

He said receiving the scholarship is just one more way SCC has proven to be the best choice for his college education.

“The scholarship has made a difference in my life by helping pay off tuition so I can focus on my schooling and not have to work as much as I had been beforehand.”

“It definitely shows that they [the college] really do want the community to succeed by offering scholarships like these to their students.”

Eli Tisor and Alana Collins




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