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“In recent years, the state’s private universities and colleges have made a major push to draw community college students to campus. Private campuses have redoubled efforts to reach out to community college and other prospective transfer students.”

Even though those words were written in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, it would be just as easy to see similar comments in an Iowa newspaper. More and more, four-year colleges are reaching out to community colleges for help in recruiting their students.

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges (EICC) is continuously announcing new and different articulation (formal transfer) agreements with other colleges. Both the University of Iowa and Purdue University Global signed such agreements in just the last few months.

“The community college is a great place for students to get college experience and prepare to make the next step,” said Lindsey Ramsey, EICC Regents Transfer Advisor. “If a student is not sure what they want to major in they will be able to get exposure to many types of fields to help them make that decision.”

She pointed out that community college tuition is far more affordable than private colleges and the smaller college environment provides students the opportunity to get involved in clubs and organizations, and take on leadership roles.

“Among the nice things students can do here is take their general education courses (those required at every college a student attends) in a smaller and more intimate environment and not have to take a class in a large lecture hall.”

Ramsey said the key thing for students planning a transfer is to be strategic.

“I can’t stress enough the importance of talking with an advisor, they can help students be intentional about coursework they are selecting.

Through the advising resources we have available we can tailor what we offer to students’ needs and help them come up with a really great plan to make them successful.”

University of Iowa

RN-BSN 3+1.5

With the new University of Iowa RN-BSN 3 + 1.5 agreement, qualifying EICC nursing graduates can seamlessly transfer to UI’s College of Nursing to finish their Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree in a year and a half.

This agreement is significant for both EICC nursing students who wish to pursue their BSN, and the healthcare community as the need for nurses continues to rise.

By enrolling in this online program, EICC graduates can continue working in their communities as they complete their degree.

“This agreement provides a wonderful opportunity for our students to continue their education,” said Lori Haugen, EICC’s Nursing Program Director. “We are excited the University of Iowa recognizes the quality of our nursing program and values EICC graduates.”

Ranked fourth in the country, UI’s RN to BSN online program provides access to baccalaureate education for nurses throughout the state. Nurses who graduate from this prestigious program acquire knowledge and skills that help enhance their ability to provide quality care to diverse patient populations that have increasingly complex health care needs.

Purdue University Global

Signing of purdue global agreementWith this new partnership, students can apply their EICC Associate’s Degree credits toward one of eight Bachelor’s Degree programs, creating a faster pathway to graduation – and the workforce.

Administered online, the flexible format allows students to customize their educational experience and access high-quality education no matter their location. Additionally, EICC graduates will be eligible for a higher level of tuition reduction from Purdue Global.

Programs currently being offered include: Accounting, Business Administration, Health Information Management, Early Childhood Administration, Criminal Justice, Human Services in Youth/Family Services and Administration, and Psychology in Applied Behavior Analysis.

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