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Rob Schadt is the Career Services Coordinator for Clinton Community College. Through his experience helping students and alumni in the job search, he’s well versed in the do’s and don’ts. Here are his top five tips for student job seekers:

Number 1

Don’t narrow your search right after graduation (or even later) to just your dream job. View each job as a step, gaining experience on your way to the dream job.

Number 2

If you see an available job that you are really interested in, you have some but not all of the preferred qualifications, and you believe you have transferable skills that would apply, make your case in your resume and cover letter and go for it.

Number 3
Have someone proof-read your resume and cover letter before you submit it.
Number 4

Tailor each resume and cover letter you submit for that particular job; use keywords from the job description (always remain truthful, though!) to help ensure your resume doesn’t get auto-filtered out by an applicant tracking system, which many large employers use.

Number 5
Do your research before an interview!  It will impress an interviewer if you are able to share in the interview what you like about the company and the position, and why you are a good fit.  It won’t look so good if you appear to not know much about the company or the job, and that you “just need a job.”

Final piece of advice – We’re very welcoming!  Our goal is that the classes you take with us get you to that next step in your professional career, and we are happy to help anyone with that process.  We very much want to be that link that connects trained and educated job seekers with the employment needs of the community.

Set-up at an appointment to have your resume reviewed and more! 

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