Brad McConnell named to National Committee

CNC Machine at the Blong Technology Center

Brad McConnellCongratulations to Scott Community College Solid Modeling and Mechanical Design Instructor Brad McConnell for his appointment to the SME Certification Oversight and Appeals Committee (COAC). SME serves the manufacturing industry, working to solve the industry’s severe talent shortage by filling the gap with future generations of manufacturing practitioners.

SME provides certification programs for individuals, led by professionals within the manufacturing industry. COAC, the committee on which McConnell will serve, evaluates SME’s certification exam performance on an annual basis, ensuring each item in the exam is performing accurately. The committee also makes sure candidates for the exams receive the tools they need to properly prepare for those exams, and responds to individual appeals to the exams.

McConnell is celebrating his 30th year as a faculty member with Eastern Iowa Community Colleges and teaches at the college’s Blong Technology Center, 8500 Hillandale Rd. To learn more about our Mechanical Design program, or the many other manufacturing-related offerings we have available, go to

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