Leave your “bubble” at EICC

Michelle Kwan and Tara Wellman
Michelle Kwan and Tara Wellman

“I was so, I wish there was a stronger word for shy, I was so afraid of life outside of my bubble,” said Tara Wellman, an ‘08 Scott Community College graduate.

She attributes her experience at Scott Community College for pushing her to explore the possibilities outside of her comfort zone.

“I think it sort of eased me into the college experience a bit, without being hit by all of that at once,” she said.

– Tara Wellman from Life Outside My Bubble

The experience gained by participating in student clubs and activities can be almost as valuable as the education you receive in the classroom. You’ll learn teamwork and leadership skills and you’ll even have some fun. Often, the friends you make in a student activity are friends for a lifetime.

Here are just a few of our students taking the opportunity to leave their “bubbles”:

Clinton, Muscatine and Scott Community Colleges offer students a wide variety of clubs and organizations to take part in. From Board Games to Political Podcasts, Environmental Clubs, Student Senate, LULAC and Theatre, there is definitely a group for everyone. Leave your “bubble” behind and become part of THE Community’s College.

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