Geoffrey Mikol Art Exhibit

From foggy mornings to the quiet beauty of an old abandoned barn, Geoffrey Mikol captures his unique view through the camera lens.

Geoffrey Mikol's piece, Embraced by Fog, a photograph of an old stone structure in front of a foggy hillside

As a person born with Down syndrome, Geoffrey has found a special connection with photography as a means of expressing himself. His artwork is stunning and often technically difficult, catching elusive light that the eye sees but that cameras often miss.

He has a talent for capturing moments in nature that still the soul and quiet your senses. Only 24 years old, Geoffrey has studied and practiced his photography now for nearly a decade, with spectacular results.

Mikol’s captured moments will be on display in his exhibit running from May 14 through September 30 in the Clinton Community College Library Gallery, 1000 Lincoln Boulevard.

An artist reception for Mikol will be held Tuesday, May 29 from 4:30 to 6 p.m. in the gallery.

You can take a look at his work and learn more about his photography at, owned by Mikol and his family in historic Galena, Illinois.

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